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Frau mit Klangschale - Klang-Ratgeber

Sound guide

We would like to share our many years of experience in the world of sound with you. In our sound guide you will not only learn which sound instruments are available – we also explain how to use singing bowls, gongs and co., how to care for them properly and give you a comprehensive insight into sound therapy.

Singing bowl guide

Singing bowls differ not only in shape and materials, but also the way of use, the areas of application can be quite different. We have summarized our many years of expert knowledge for you and give you a lot of practical tips on how to use your singing bowl.

Verschiedene Arten von Klangschalen

Singing bowl types – which singing bowl is best for me?

Singing bowls produce harmonic tones by rubbing and striking, which penetrate deep into the soul, body and spirit. There are bowls in different sizes and made of different materials. Our guide should help you to get to know the singing bowl types and their applications and to find the right singing bowl for you and your needs.

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How to use singing bowls

In order to enjoy the unique sound experience of a singing bowl, the correct application is crucial. The singing bowl itself, its placement, the technique of striking it, the choice of mallet, the space – all these have an effect on the intensity of the sound. Here we give you a few tips on how to use the full sound spectrum of your singing bowl.

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How to clean singing bowls

Since a singing bowl is a utilitarian object that is frequently handled with the hands, contamination may occur on the surface. Also, the color of the shell may change over time. If you want to keep the golden shine, you should clean your singing bowl about every two months.

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Peter Hess® Klangschalen draussen auf einer Mauer

Overview of singing bowls for sound therapy

The Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl series is optimally adapted to the needs of Peter Hess® Sound Massage and Peter Hess® Sound Methods. These singing bowls are available in different types, which address certain areas of the body particularly well. The individual types each have a characteristic shape and size, as well as sound and vibration quality.

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Unterschiedliche Klangschalen auf dem Boden

The history of singing bowls

Singing bowls originate from the East Asian region – from China, Japan and Burma. They were often used as signaling devices and everyday objects. In addition, the metal bowls were also used in monasteries as sacrificial vessels or by mendicant monks. They became widespread in Western culture with the hippie movement in the late 1960s. In our article we will give you a brief overview of the history of singing bowls.

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Gong guide

The experience with a gong is always a very individual one. Playing techniques, choice of mallet and type of gong will determine how the sound experience affects your body and mind. In our gong guide, you’ll learn all about this impressive instrument and can further refine your playing practice with our tips.

How to play a gong

The full sound spectrum of your gong can unfold once you have gained experience with how to make it sound – whether with mallet or gong driver. The location of the gong and the choice of the mallet also play a crucial role. With our tips you can get the full sound out of your instrument both as a beginner and as an advanced player.

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How to clean a gong

If you use your gong very regularly or if it has stood unprotected in the room for a long time, it is possible that a light coating will form on the surface after some time. This can be caused by frequent touching or can simply settle out of the air, much like the lubricating film on a window pane. To prevent your gong from changing luster or color, regular maintenance is important. We have summarized for you how to take care of your Feng Gong, TamTam Gong or other types of Gong.

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Antiker Gong vor Tor

The history of gongs

Like singing bowls, gongs can be classified as metallideophones from a musicological point of view. They are among the oldest and most important musical instruments in Southeast Asia. Even with these instruments, experts are not in complete agreement as to their origin and use. In our article you will learn what is known so far.

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Mallet guide

Singing bowls and gongs can be made to sound with very different mallets and friction mallets. It’s not just the technology used that makes a big difference to the sound – the materials used to make mallets and rubbers also have a very fundamental effect on vibrations and tones. We explain the differences as well as the playing techniques and show you what else is important when choosing a mallet or friction mallet.

Klangschale wird mit Schlägel angeschlagen

Different types of mallets

Many instruments are played with the help of a mallet. The different types of mallets also release very different tones – depending on the material used and the construction of the mallet. In this post you will learn about the different mallets available for singing bowls and gongs and how you can use them.

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Sound methods

For more than 30 years, we at Peter Hess have been developing unique therapy methods. Used correctly, sound releases tension, mobilizes self-healing forces and releases energy. We will show you how you can apply these methods in your practice, which Peter Hess trainings and further education support you and in which areas sound work can also provide more harmony and health.

Sound Therapy

The pioneer of sound work, Peter Hess, has made it his life’s work to bring the ancient Far Eastern knowledge of sound and rhythm and their healing effects on body, mind, and spirit to people in the West. The Peter Hess® Sound Methods are used today in the fields of wellness and prevention, pedagogy, counseling and coaching, disease support and therapy. In this article we will go into more detail about the therapy possibilities with sound.

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Basic Equipment for a Sound Massage

When you first get involved with professional sound massage, you may face many questions: Which singing bowl is suitable for sound therapy? Which mallets do I need? Are there any other accessories that should not be missing in the sound massage? You may also be experienced in working with sound and already have some basic equipment. Now you want to expand it with new therapy singing bowls, singing bowl mallets, or other tools.

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Meditation & Yoga with singing bowls & gongs

More and more people appreciate the numerous positive effects of meditation and yoga for more health, zest for life, balance, inner strength and clarity in life. In meditation and yoga with singing bowls and gongs we connect with our inner power and wisdom, from which we can create a life of happiness, contentment and success.

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Singing bowls in beauty, spa & wellness

The gentle sounds of singing bowls quickly lead to deep and soothing relaxation. A condition that adds the icing on the cake to a beauty or wellness treatment and makes it a special experience. The delicate vibrations gently relax the muscles and the harmonious sounds soothe the mind. The soul experiences space to unfold. In this way, regeneration can happen on all levels.

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