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To make a singing bowl or a gong sound, you need a suitable mallet. This is used to rub or strike the singing bowl. The shaft of the mallet is usually made of wood, bamboo or metal while the head materials used are felt, rubber or fleece. Depending on the nature of the mallet, the sound is long or short lasting, bright or dark, loud or soft.


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Which mallet should I buy?

At Hess Sound you will find both felt mallets for a firm strike and direct tone and felt mallets for a soft and warm tone. In addition, there are rubber mallets, aluminium mallets and friction mallets. For therapeutic applications, we recommend aluminum singing bowl mallets as they are easy to disinfect. You can also use these mallets well for water work, sound meditations (room-filling sounds on singing bowls and gongs) and regular sound massages.

What mallets are available for gongs?

We have developed different mallets for working with gongs. The size, hardness and texture of the surface as well as the mallet core determines the sound color of the gong. You can use gong mallets and friction mallets. The latter can be used to rub a gong, creating a spherical sound.

What mallets are available for singing bowls?

Singing bowls are typically made to sound with a variety of felt mallets. Depending on the size and hardness of the mallet head, the main sound of the bowl will vary. Therefore, we recommend using different mallets especially if you only have one singing bowl. For example, a proven combination is a large, soft felt mallet for particularly low tones, a medium, somewhat harder felt mallet for frequencies in the middle range, and a small, hard felt mallet for high sounds.


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