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Christmas Special: Heart Singing Bowl with Singing Bowl Exercise

Give yourself or your loved ones a moment of relaxation at Christmas time with our Christmas Special. It is a special time when we can open our hearts more and let love in. Sound, and in particular working with singing bowls, can help us to engage more with this experience.

This year’s Christmas Special includes the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl – Large Heart Bowl with permanent coating, which is now exclusively available until December 19, 2023 at the price normally charged for the heart bowl without permanent coating. It was specially developed for applications on the heart and upper body and not only brings relaxation into your everyday life, but also helps you to find direct access to your heart. In this article, we will introduce you to a singing bowl exercise that you can easily do with a heart singing bowl.

What makes the Peter Hess® Large Heart Bowl with tarnish protection so special?

Handmade and composed of high-quality materials, the large heart bowl enchants your senses with its clear tones. It was specially developed for the upper body area – perfect for bringing the heart, neck and shoulder blades back into their natural harmony.

The heart bowl is one of the three most important singing bowls, especially for professional sound work. You will recognize the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl – Large Heart Bowl by its thick rim, which ensures a particularly long-lasting sound experience. Nevertheless, this singing bowl is relatively light and is perceived as pleasant on the body. Depending on which mallet you use to play the large heart bowl, a variety of different tones are produced.

What are the advantages of permanent coating for singing bowls?

Different mallets, humidity, but also regular touches with hands or skin leave traces on the singing bowl over time. This does not affect the sound, which remains permanently impressive even without permanent coating. Visually, however, small stains and patina may appear over time. If a singing bowl is to retain its beautiful golden sheen for a long time, it must be polished regularly.

For this reason, and especially for professional work with sound in hospitals, spas, saunas, salt caves or salt and chlorinated water as well as outdoors, we have added tarnish protection. The permanent coating, which is applied to the surface of the bowl, protects your heart bowl from tarnishing by preventing chemical reactions from outside. The heart bowl with permanent coating is particularly easy to clean and therefore also ideal for intensive use in sound therapy.

The Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl – Large Heart Bowl, lower sound

Open your heart – our singing bowl exercise with a heart bowl

For the singing bowl exercise with the heart bowl, simply take a few minutes for yourself. Retreat to a quiet and cozy place so that you can fully immerse yourself in the wonderful sounds of the singing bowl and the gentle vibrations.

Position the heart bowl

Take the Peter Hess® Heart Singing Bowl and place it on your choice of

  • your palm
  • on the table in front of you, preferably with a singing bowl coaster
  • on your upper body while lying on your back.

Make yourself comfortable

With its frequencies, the heart bowl primarily addresses the upper part of your body, so that the suggested positioning starts exactly where the calming sounds and vibrations can be absorbed. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. A soft cushion or mat can also contribute to your comfort. If you wish, you can also close your eyes during this singing bowl exercise.

Connect with your heart energy

Now you begin the actual singing bowl exercise by striking the Peter Hess® Heart Bowl with your mallet and letting it gently fade away. Breathe in consciously and focus on the deep-seated heart energy that is now emerging from deep within you. Combine the concentration with beautiful thoughts and inner images so that the singing bowl exercise with the heart bowl becomes a special experience for you.

Visualize your emotions

As soon as the singing bowl has faded, strike it again. Go deeper into the visualization. Imagine your own feelings, dive deep into your positive emotions. Repeat striking the singing bowl evenly as often and as long as you like. You also set the pace yourself – this moment belongs only to you and your emotions.

End the singing bowl exercise with an open heart

If you would like to end the singing bowl exercise with the heart bowl, ring it one last time and clearly feel how the power of the sound and vibration flows through your body. Breathe in and out deeply, open your eyes and return to your everyday life with an open heart.


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