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Fantasy journey for children: Spring in the magic garden Imaginary journeys are a very old tradition that can enchant both children and adults. They bring relaxation, promote creativity and imagination and support change processes in the brain. A vivid imagination is important for various areas of life. It can help us to learn new things […]

New designations for Peter Hess® quality levels Together with Peter Hess, we at Hess Sound have adapted the designation of the Peter Hess® quality levels. Until now, the singing bowls used on the body as part of sound massages have been assigned to the following quality levels: Previous designation: Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl = […]

Get to Know Angelika Rieckmann: Peter Hess® Sound Massage Teacher, Practitioner and Sound Therapist Angelika Rieckmann is an occupational therapist with a wealth of experience in various medical fields. She has been intensively involved with Peter Hess® Sound Massage since 2003 and has grown into an outstanding sound therapist, sound massage practitioner and trainer. Angelika […]

Christmas Special: Heart Singing Bowl with Singing Bowl Exercise Give yourself or your loved ones a moment of relaxation at Christmas time with our Christmas Special. It is a special time when we can open our hearts more and let love in. Sound, and in particular working with singing bowls, can help us to engage […]

Hess Klangkonzepte becomes Hess Sound For almost 35 years, our family business has been a renowned supplier of singing bowls of the highest quality. Our singing bowls and the Peter Hess® Sound Massage were developed by Peter Hess in the 1980s. Since then, their effect on body, mind and soul has been the subject of […]

Our 2024 Anniversary Event – Transform Your Life with Sound Under the motto “Transform Your Life with Sound”, a very special sound congress will take place from March 1–3, 2024 in Gersfeld/Rhön (Germany) as well as online. Peter Hess, who developed the sound massage 40 years ago, will give insights into his new concept of […]

Comprehensive Checklist: Basic Equipment for Sound Massage Our checklist gives you a comprehensive overview of the equipment and tools you can use around a sound massage. In our list you’ll find inspiration, whether you’re a beginner, planning to become more professional, or have been working with sound for a while. Is the checklist also relevant […]

Our Pop-up Store in Berlin: A Sonorous Experience From June 3rd to 10th, we at Hess Sound had the exciting opportunity to open our first pop-up store in Berlin. Auguststraße in Berlin Mitte became a place of sounds and encounters for one week. People from all over Berlin as well as from the direct neighborhood […]

Singing Bowl Meditation Outdoors: Enter into a Deep Connection with Nature Outdoors in the midst of blooming nature, we often feel more connected and at the same time find our own center more easily. The beauty and abundance that surrounds us, especially in spring and summer, can be deeply impressive. A walk in the woods […]

Hess Sound at INNOCOS in Berlin (June 8+9, 2023) Want to find out about the latest trends in cosmetics, body care, fragrances and spa? Then INNOCOS Berlin is the right place for you – an exclusive summit where everything revolves around beauty and health. We are convinced: True beauty comes first and foremost from within. […]

The Hess Sound Pop-Up Store – Exclusively in Berlin For a long time now, we have been regularly presenting our Peter Hess® Singing Bowls at trade fairs and events, advising customers on site in our showroom near Bremen, and providing information about the versatility of the singing bowls in our online store. Direct contact with […]

Accompanying with Sound The many uses of singing bowls are no longer a secret. In nursing, sound massage has been used for many years to accompany older people on their way. This form of non-verbal communication picks people up in their innermost being, even when they are already living in seclusion. But the sound massage […]


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