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Singing bowls in beauty, spa & wellness

The gentle sounds of singing bowls quickly lead to deep and soothing relaxation. A condition that adds the icing on the cake to a beauty or wellness treatment and makes it a special experience. The delicate vibrations gently relax the muscles and the harmonious sounds soothe the mind. The soul experiences space to unfold. In this way, regeneration can happen on all levels.

The most important facts in brief

  • With the help of the sounds of a singing bowl, cosmetic and spa treatments gain even more harmony and tranquility.
  • In the beauty sector, singing bowls are used, for example, in facial treatments, reflex zone massages or pedicures.
  • As a cosmetician or wellness user you can be trained in the Peter Hess® sound methods.
  • In the wellness and spa sector, singing bowls are used, for example, in fantasy journeys, in sound yoga and in wellness sound massage.
  • There are special training offers for the Peter Hess® Wellness Sound Massage.

Beauty and sound

In the field of beauty, singing bowls can have a very wonderful supporting effect. Thus, the holistic relaxation method of sound massage developed by Peter Hess has been established in many beauty and spa facilities decades ago. With the help of the sounds of singing bowls applications get even more harmony and tranquility. Desired effects can be intensified and the additional deep relaxation makes every application a little time out for the soul.

Possible applications of sound in the beauty sector

The applications of sound in the beauty sector are very diverse. For example, before an application, it is a good idea to sound a singing bowl in the head area to relax the facial muscles. Active ingredients can thus be better absorbed by the skin. The gentle vibrations of a singing bowl are also ideal for getting hands and feet in the right mood for a reflexology massage and to loosen them up in advance.

While a mask or body wrap is working, the relaxing sounds of a singing bowl or gong can help customers wind down. Thus, they additionally experience a small singing bowl meditation. In this deep relaxation you can be completely with yourself and forget everyday life for a moment.

But singing bowls can also be a wonderful offer as part of manicure or pedicure treatments. While hands or feet bathe in the warm water enriched with essential oils in an XL sound bowl, customers feel the gentle vibrations of the sounding bowl.


A water sound bath has both a relaxing and invigorating effect, as the vibrations also promote blood circulation. People who often suffer from cold hands or feet especially appreciate this effect.

Examples of uses:

  • Relaxation of the muscles before facial applications
  • Attunement to a reflexology massage
  • Short singing bowl meditation during the application
  • Water sound bath with manicure or pedicure

Additional training for beauticians

If you are a cosmetician or wellness user and have been trained in the Peter Hess® sound methods, you can combine Ayurveda, wellness or cosmetic treatments wonderfully with the soothing sounds and create very special experiences. This can also be a unique selling point compared to the competition. If you want to offer your customers something special or are looking for new impulses for your own field of work, we recommend the day seminar for beauticians from the Peter Hess® Institute.

In this seminar you will learn about singing bowls and elements of Peter Hess® sound massage. Under expert guidance, you will gain your first experience with the singing bowls, learn specific sound exercises, and experience sound relaxation in a partner exercise under supervision.

Special attention is paid to the possibility of using the décolleté singing bowl. The delicate vibration of this shell stimulates the thymus gland, which is essential in building the immune system. The body’s own collagen formation is supported, the skin pores open and the active ingredients of the care products can act better.

“In our one-day seminar, we present individual sound applications that you can integrate individually into your cosmetic treatment. What you learn can be implemented directly in practice.”

Peter Hess

Wellness and sound

Also in the wellness and spa area there are numerous possibilities to enrich the offer with singing bowls or gongs. In addition to the classic sound massage, short sound relaxations are popular with many wellness clients, for example for the abdominal area. Position a singing bowl slightly above the navel at the level of the solar plexus and gently strike it in a slow rhythm. This area is very sensitive to stress and tension, so the sound vibrations are often felt here as particularly beneficial. The sounds continue in even waves throughout the body, loosening the entire tissue.

Wellness hotels often have group offers in addition to treatments for individuals. Sound and fantasy journeys are especially popular. Here the participants follow a pleasant narrative voice and harmonious sounds. For the private user, such fantasy journeys are also available on CD.


Meditation & Yoga

The trend of actively contributing to one’s own well-being during a wellness vacation is also reflected in the popularity of sound yoga – an innovative style of yoga that is accompanied by sounds and uses them as a source of strength.

The Peter Hess® Wellness Sound Massage

Wellness sound massage is a nice addition to the wellness and spa area. Thereby short sound units promise a sound pleasure with regenerating relaxation. The Peter Hess® Institute has developed special trainings for this purpose.

The Peter Hess® Wellness Sound Massage training includes the basics of Peter Hess® Sound Massage and three special wellness sound massages. These three offers set different accents and last 25, 35 and 45 minutes: Vital Sound – relaxing from head to toe (25-minute back sound massage), Emotion Sound – soothing vibrations flow through the body (35-minute sound massage) and Natural Sound and Inner Soul – being in harmony with yourself (45-minute sound massage).

In addition, the participants will receive initial suggestions on how the beneficial sound elements can also be combined with classic offers, thus making them more attractive and effective. Simple group offerings such as a sound meditation and an imagination are also part of this seminar.


The contents of the seminar can also be learned as part of the five-day intensive training Peter Hess® Wellness Sound Massage and are suitable not only for the spa area, but also as a supplement for any sound massage practice.


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