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Peter Hess® Singing Bowls

In Nepal, Peter Hess learned what “Nada Brahma” (“The World is Sound”) really means. Using his knowledge of the special effect of sounds in traditional music as well as in rituals and healing, he developed sound massage. Based on the method of sound massage, the Peter Hess® Singing Bowls were created.


In search of an accompanying healing method, the graduate engineer for physical technology makes his first encounters with singing bowls in Nepal.

As part of a research project, Peter Hess spent several months in Nepal in 1984 taking measurements of power and energy sites. During this time he got to know the singing bowls through a friend who was an ethnomusicologist.

Interview: Peter Hess' personal path to sound

The eastern concept “Nada Brahma”, which can be translated as “The world is sound”, became directly tangible for him and was to fundamentally change his future life. His findings about the special effect of sounds in traditional music as well as in rituals and in healing formed the basis for the idea of sound massage that originated there. While still on site, Peter Hess began experimenting with singing bowls, and soon a first form of sound massage emerged.

Peter Hess on his trip to Nepal in 1984

Peter Hess bought his first stock of ancient singing bowls in Nepal and used them in Germany in self-awareness seminars he offered. The positive findings from these first seminars led to rapid further development of the method. Thus not only the sound massage training, as it is taught today world-wide after a uniform curriculum, was developed, but also many specialized seminars, which are offered at the today’s Peter Hess® Institut.

In addition to founding the Peter Hess® Institute and publishing relevant technical literature, the engineer began to set up his own production of singing bowls specially designed for sound therapy as early as 1989. These were to meet his high demands on sound and material.

Jana und Peter Hess

All products of the sound pioneer exclusively at Hess Sound

To this day, Peter Hess® Singing Bowls are subjected to the highest quality criteria, so that they have an incomparable sound and vibration quality. The constant design and improvement of these products are based on many years of research and work in the field of sound massage and sound therapy. The exceptionally high-quality singing bowls under the Peter Hess® label are manufactured and quality-tested by Hess Sound. They are in their full range can only be found at Hess Sound. The retail store near Bremen as well as the online store is managed in the second generation by daughter Jana Hess.

Our sound specialists carefully listen to each individual singing bowl and assign them to different quality levels.


The quality levels
of the Peter Hess® singing bowls

previous quality level

next quality level


Therapy quality

Only the Peter Hess® Singing Bowls that receive the Therapy Quality label are suitable for therapeutic use. Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls are forged from a cast blank. The elaborate forging technique ensures that they vibrate much longer and more evenly. Even if a good pre-selection already takes place in the production countries Nepal and India, some bowls do not meet the requirements for the quality seal “Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl – professional therapeutic quality”. Therefore, all singing bowls are again intensively tested for quality in Germany.



Singing bowl types - which singing bowl is the best & right for me?

There are bowls in different sizes and made of different materials. Our guide should help you to get to know the singing bowl types and their applications and to find the right singing bowl for you and your needs.



How to use singing bowls

In order to enjoy the unique sound experience of a singing bowl, the correct application is crucial. The singing bowl itself, its placement, the technique of striking it, the choice of mallet, the space – all these have an effect on the intensity of the sound. Here we give you a few tips on how to use the full sound spectrum of your singing bowl.



Overview of singing bowls for sound therapy

The Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls series is optimally adapted to the needs of Peter Hess® sound massage and Peter Hess® sound methods. These singing bowls are available in different types of singing bowls, which address certain areas of the body particularly well and can be used by professionals accordingly targeted. The individual types each have a characteristic shape and size, as well as sound and vibration quality.

Singing bowl consultant

How do you want your
Use singing bowl?


Bodywork, sound massage & self application


Sound Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness


Sound journeys, sound games & sound with children

Unterschiedliche Klangschalen mit Schlägeln

Deco & Sound


Give away sound

Singing bowl consultant

How do you want your
Use singing bowl?


Bodywork, sound massage & self application


Bodywork & Sound Massage
- Professional


Bodywork & Sound Massage
- Beginner


Sound for self application

Jana und Peter Hess

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Hess Sound is the first choice when it comes to high-quality singing bowls, gongs and accessories. Congratulations on the 30th anniversary!

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Peter Hess combines the production of singing bowls, their sale, education and training in sound methods, and advocacy for those trained. We would like to introduce this sound universe to you here. Learn how everything is connected!


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