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Comprehensive Checklist: Basic Equipment for Sound Massage

Our checklist gives you a comprehensive overview of the equipment and tools you can use around a sound massage. In our list you’ll find inspiration, whether you’re a beginner, planning to become more professional, or have been working with sound for a while.

Is the checklist also relevant for sound massage beginners?

If you want to start with sound massage for the first time, you don’t need much: A universal bowl and a mallet are already sufficient to try out different areas of application and to experience the effect of the sounds on yourself, or to make it possible for others to experience them. Whether you need additional equipment depends entirely on your or the sound receiver’s wishes and needs. Our checklist is meant to serve as inspiration and show you ways to customize your sound massage practice.


What do I need to offer sound therapy professionally?

In our checklist, we give you a comprehensive overview of all the therapy singing bowls, mallets, and tools you could possibly use. If your goal is to give sound to other people and to offer sound therapy professionally, we recommend this basic equipment:

  • Universal bowl
  • Large heart bowl
  • Large pelvic bowl
  • Mallet set consisting of a large, medium and small mallet, each with a different degree of hardness

Sound massage equipment checklist at a glance

Therapy singing bowls

  • Universal bowl
  • Small and large pelvic bowl
  • Small and large heart bowl
  • Flat and curved head bowl
  • Throat bowl
  • Solar plexus bowl
  • XL & XXL bowl

Here you will find an overview of all Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls.

Singing bowl mallet

  • Mallet for high tones (small, firm mallet)
  • Mallet for medium tones (medium-firm mallet)
  • Mallet for low tones (larger, softer mallet)
  • Singing bowl friction mallet

Here you will find an overview of our singing bowl mallets.

Sound furniture and ambience

  • Massage table or floor mat
  • Cushion
  • Knee roll
  • Storage pillow
  • Blanket
  • Towels
  • Disinfectant for furniture (esp. for professional sound massages)

Here you can find our sound furniture and more in the overview.

Fragrances and flavors

  • Scented oils
  • Scented candles
  • Room fragrance spray
  • Plants, flowers

Here you will find an overview of our fragrances and flavors.

Other accessories

  • Singing bowl coaster made of felt or cotton
  • Rubber ring or rubber mat
  • Singing bowl bag
  • Suction lifter for singing bowls

Here you will find an overview of our singing bowl accessories.

Books and audio files

  • Books about sound massage
  • Audio files with guided sound massages
  • Audio files with musical support

Here you can find our books and audio files.

Want to know more? In our guide you can go even deeper into the possibilities of equipment around sound therapy.



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