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Get to Know Angelika Rieckmann: Peter Hess® Sound Massage Teacher, Practitioner and Sound Therapist

Angelika Rieckmann is an occupational therapist with a wealth of experience in various medical fields. She has been intensively involved with Peter Hess® Sound Massage since 2003 and has grown into an outstanding sound therapist, sound massage practitioner and trainer. Angelika has made it her heart’s mission to share her knowledge with the world and reach as many people as possible.

Angelika’s journey to sound and healing

Her first encounter with Peter Hess® sound massage was more of a coincidence: 22 years ago, an occupational therapy colleague recommended sound therapy to her. At the time, Angelika had been suffering from chronic pain for many years. The sound massage proved to be the key to freedom from pain. This experience was the beginning of a deep and very special connection with sound. It wasn’t long before she trained as a Peter Hess® sound massage practitioner and sound therapist herself and absorbed all the knowledge. Time and again she experienced for herself and others the great power inherent in sound.

Angelika Rieckmann
Sound Therapist Angelika Rieckmann

Angelika Rieckmann on the effect of sound

When Angelika talks about working with sound, her deep enthusiasm is immediately apparent. The subtle, almost invisible, but extremely healing effect of sound is what particularly fascinates and motivates her. She describes how sound serves as a source of energy, brings people into balance and thus creates the basis for health. Letting go can happen on all levels after just one treatment. For Angelika, there is no other form of therapy that can reach the body, mind and soul so deeply and thus bring about holistic healing.

“It is extremely important to first experience the effect of sound for yourself and to reflect on what sound does to you and others. Working with sound requires an enormous level of awareness in every moment. I am very consciously present and mindful,” says Angelika Rieckmann.

Even if the practical implementation of a sound treatment is not difficult, the complexity requires a great deal of experience and sensitivity. A sound-giving person adapts to each person in order to recognize what they really need right now. If there is a high level of resonance between the sound, the therapist and the person receiving the sound, true miracles are possible.

Development of own treatment methods and further training seminars

With her knowledge and experience from occupational therapy and working with sound, Angelika Rieckmann developed her very own holistic treatment method: “Tonus Training according to Angelika Rieckmann®”. Her approach is based on the transfer of the laws of sound into bodywork and a deep understanding of how illness and health in body and mind arise in the first place – or can be preserved. During a treatment, she uses gentle, regulating impulses to relax the muscle tone and stimulate the body’s self-healing powers. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists can learn tonus training from Angelika in three modules.

She provides an even more far-reaching insight into the possibilities that sound opens up in her further training seminars at the Peter Hess® Institute, which will again take place on several dates this year:

  • Neurology and psychosomatics I – stabilizing the nervous system with sound massage
  • Neurology and psychosomatics II – activating self-healing powers with sound methods
  • Neurology and psychosomatics III – with sound to more energy and awareness
  • Heart coherence – modulation of the nervous system with sound
  • Trauma-sensitive sound work – accompanying overwhelmed people (PTSD) with sound

Exclusive exercise: Parasympathetic Lip Brake

For Angelika Rieckmann, sound has become an integral part of her daily life. She starts each day with sound to center herself and connect with her essence. For this blog post, she has given us a special exercise that is easy to integrate into your everyday life.

Angelika recommends practicing this simple yet enormously effective exercise at least once a day to give yourself regular moments of peace and relaxation.

  1. Open your lips very slightly.
  2. Breathe in normally and breathe out slowly and audibly through your slightly open lips.
  3. Repeat this one to three times, breathing normally for a few breaths in between.
  4. If you like, accompany the exercise with a singing bowl. Angelika recommends the Peter Hess® pelvic bowl.
  5. Finish the exercise with a smile.

The parasympathetic lip brake lengthens the exhalation, the autonomic nervous system can regulate itself and we move from thinking to feeling, into the here and now. This exercise is therefore particularly suitable for stress, excitement and restlessness in order to restore balance, equilibrium, inner peace and serenity. You can do the exercise at any time of day, whether standing, sitting or lying down. Optionally accompany the exercise with a singing bowl to help you find inner harmony and order.

“Sound leads us to harmony with ourselves. If we feel this harmonious state of heart coherence in the here and now, then it is precisely this connected BEING that counts for health and has a regulating effect.” (Principle of salutogenesis)

The art of perception and empathy

The ability to recognize and sense a person’s individual and current, often existential needs is crucial for Angelika. Since 2008, she has been self-employed full-time in her own private practice and school for mindfulness in Bad Driburg. With her sensitive and trusting manner, she gives people a lot of space here – to show themselves, to let themselves fall and be caught and to find their own essence.

Detailed preliminary discussions and a holistic view of a person show her in which areas balance is needed. It looks behind the physical appearance in order to get to the bottom of the actual main issue and lead body, mind and soul to a new balance. The human energy centers – the chakras – also give her important clues. Based on this in-depth analysis of the different levels of our being, she selects the treatment method and also the sounds that she uses in the treatments. She uses the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls and the Peter Hess® Sangha Meditation Singing Bowls for herself and the people who come to her. The therapy singing bowls are used on and around the body, while the Sangha singing bowls are used to fill entire rooms.

Angelika Rieckmann as sound massage and seminar trainer

Angelika has found her great passion as a seminar leader and trainer. Since 2005, she has been sharing the knowledge and experience she has gathered over many years as an occupational therapist, sound massage practitioner, sound therapist and, above all, from her life with the world. When she talks about this work, you can clearly sense that it is an enormous treasure that she shares with people.

“In the Peter Hess® Sound Massage training, people get “all-inclusive”. They not only learn the technique, they also receive individual applications and their effects for themselves. Sound touches! Each sound module is a cure for body, mind and soul – nothing else can beat this holistic approach.”

In all her years as a Peter Hess® Sound Massage instructor, she has experienced it for herself: Every person who can get involved with sound and working with sound benefits more than average. The sound flows into every cell of our body – we can experience something new in every moment. In addition to the practical training, the training participants also develop enormously on a personal level: they gain access to their health, have a better self-perception and integrity as well as self-efficacy.

Current events with Angelika Rieckmann

Their deep connection with sound is reflected in their motivation and commitment. Angelika is also traveling a lot this year with her training courses and seminars. You can find all dates on their homepage.

On 2. and March 3, you can meet her live at our anniversary sound congress and learn more about the topic of “trauma-sensitive sound work”. Get your tickets for this special event now.


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