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The main thing is cheap? – That has never been our motto! In addition to the longevity of our products, we have worked since the beginning to save as many resources as possible. But also the renunciation of plastic is a matter of the heart for us. For a sustainable strategy, it is not enough for us to “just” use fewer resources. We therefore attach importance to ensuring that sustainability is considered and anchored in every one of our corporate actions.

Here you will find a number of things that we are already implementing today.

With our products

Our products are designed to give long pleasure and, with good care, can be in use for years. Especially our singing bowls are used for decades and of course last for generations!

– For our products, we try to use sustainable, natural and renewable raw materials as much as possible.

– In addition, we are expanding our range to include vegan products and continue to be on the lookout for alternative, vegan variants.

For our packaging

An online trade generates a lot of packaging material. That’s why we’ve given it special thought and continue to look for ecological alternatives and ways to reduce it. Ideas implemented so far:

– Most of the packaging material is reused or recycled, e.g. we use cushioning pillows made from shredded old cardboard boxes that could not be reused as a whole.

– When shipping, we avoid using plastic as much as possible. We continue to use the plastic bags that we need for transportation from the manufacturing plant, so that the goods are protected from salt water and corrosion when transported by sea.

– In our shipping department, we use paper tape instead of plastic tape, as well as paper padding and starch packing flakes in addition to our recycled and reused materials.

For our printed matter

In a company of our size, the production of printed matter is a necessity, be it business cards for trade fairs or the catalog that has become a constant companion for many of our customers. So we thought about how we could save resources, print in a climate-friendly and ecological way and have been able to convert the following so far:

– We are switching to digital media step by step. Many of our customers and we continue to appreciate high-quality materials and therefore do not completely abandon the printing of our catalog, but send it only on request. On our homepage you can browse our current catalog online and also download it.

– Whenever possible, we have our printed matter printed in a climate-neutral manner – as often as possible on recycled paper.

Our social sustainability and responsibility

Many of our products, such as singing bowls and gongs are manufactured in the countries of origin Nepal, India and China. We pay great attention to good working conditions during production, among other things it is important to us that

– a fair salary is paid

– no children work in the corresponding workshops

– and we financially support the craftsmen:inside in case of illness and weddings.

Otherwise, “Made in Germany” is at the top of our list. As far as possible, we have many mallets and other accessories manufactured in Germany.

We believe in long-term things ….

and therefore attach great importance to a good working atmosphere. On average, our employees have been with us for about 9 years, with more than one third of our employees having been with us for over 17 years.

A caring and respectful interaction with our employees and external partners is very important to us. We organize joint activities such as summer parties and Christmas celebrations every year.

We support the association with financial donations:

Opportunities: Education in Nepal e.V.

The purpose of the association is the promotion of charitable purposes in Nepal as well as the promotion of local development cooperation with a focus on education and the promotion of youth welfare. The aim is to provide free education, housing, food and adequate health care to underprivileged children in particular.

And now the trimmings

We also save resources directly in our offices and want to protect the environment.

– We use green electricity.

– To avoid waste, we use refill canisters for soap and disinfection. Soap, disinfection and cleaning agents are – as far as possible – made from natural, degradable ingredients.

But that’s not the end for us. We are always on the lookout for ideas and ways to protect our environment with people and nature. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?

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