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Sound Therapy

The pioneer of sound work, Peter Hess, has made it his life’s work to bring the ancient Far Eastern knowledge of sound and rhythm and their healing effects on body, mind, and spirit to people in the West. The Peter Hess® Sound Methods are used today in the fields of wellness and prevention, pedagogy, counseling and coaching, disease support and therapy. In this article we will go into more detail about the therapy possibilities with sound.

The most important facts in brief

  • The basis of sound therapy is the sound massage with singing bowls.
  • The goal of the Singing Bowl Therapy according to Hess is to put people in a state of calm through sound. By calming the nervous system, anxiety and pain can be relieved.
  • Besides singing bowls, other instruments such as gongs and cymbals can be used in sound therapy.
  • The Peter Hess® Institute offers training in the field of sound therapy.

How does the Singing Bowl Therapy according to Hess work?

The basis of the Peter Hess® Sound Methods is the Sound Massage with Therapy Singing Bowls. A sound massage can contribute to the harmonization of body, mind, and soul, and thus strengthen the self-healing powers. This has just been confirmed by modern orthodox medicine in the multimodal therapies.

Good to know

It has also been proven many times that listening to sounds influences feelings and sensations and positively stimulates the emotional center in the brain. In addition, the vibrations of the singing bowls create a flow of energy in the body as the body goes into resonance and brings itself back into balance.

The goal of singing bowl therapy according to Hess is to put people into a state of rest through sounds and thus enable them on the one hand to completely switch off, relax and leave everyday stress behind, and on the other hand to listen to their inner voice through body awareness. What moves the subconscious? Are there mental blocks or barriers? With the help of a trained sound therapist, blockages can be holistically overcome.

The application of the Singing Bowl Therapy according to Hess is suitable for professional groups such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists as well as alternative practitioners and psychologists. The sound methods can be considered and applied both as a supplement to the respective form of therapy and as an independent method. The sound settings taught in the Peter Hess® Institute classes combine to create a flexible counseling and therapy concept. This can be varied individually in the accompaniment, counseling and therapy of children, adolescents, families or adults.

What are sound settings?

Sound settings define the framework in which the application of sound takes place and is experienced.

“An important aspect of body and psycho therapeutically oriented sound therapy is the strengthening of primal trust. Primal trust means being in contact with one’s own feelings. The sounds and their creative use enable a positive attitude towards oneself. By releasing tensions on the physical level, the primal powers of the soul are released.”

Ulrich Krause, Professional Association Sound Massage Therapy

Effect of singing bowl therapy

Working with singing bowls belongs to the field of biophysical order therapy and is based on the idea that living beings are ultimately vibrating systems. Each person has his or her own vibrational patterns, both at the cellular level, across tissue associations, and organ-wise. These vibration patterns communicate with each other and influence each other.

The overtone-rich and long resonating sounds of singing bowls cause even people with massive stress reactions to find inner peace. This can relieve anxiety and even pain. The sound, used with innovative methods, creates distance to the problem and to the inner events. It calms the nervous system and has a stabilizing effect, for example, during the processing phase on certain topics.

The effect of sound therapy is also reflected in the relationship between therapist and patient. Professionals who use sound integratively in a psychological professional field have confirmed that patients enter a state of calm through sound settings before talk therapy, which has a positive effect on the course of treatment and is a confidence-building measure.

“The use of singing bowls is an effective therapeutic tool, a holistic addition in therapeutic interventions. The effect of singing bowls with appropriate settings can greatly facilitate access to the patient and increase the effect of interventions.”

Ulrich Krause

What instruments are used in sound therapy?

In sound therapy, mainly singing bowls are used as instruments. The Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls were developed especially for sound massages. They are characterized by special vibration and sound properties. There are different types of singing bowls for the different areas of the body, such as the pelvic bowl, heart bowl or the universal bowl.

The gong is also often used as an instrument in sound therapy, as it also provides deep relaxation. Gongs, like singing bowls, originated in Asia and were used there in rituals and ceremonies. There are several types of gongs which differ in shape, sound and material. The sound of a flat gong which is often used in sound therapy is voluminous. When struck, a deeper penetrating keynote unfolds and provides grounding for clients.

In sound therapy, these instruments are predominantly used:

Is there training in the field of sound therapy?

The Peter Hess® Institute (PHI) offers various classes in the field of sound therapy. The Peter Hess® Sound Therapy education and training concepts were created with therapists who have spent years integrating sound into their work, and experiencing the synergistic effect of occupational therapy and sound therapy for the benefit of their clients.

The Peter Hess® Sound Therapy for healing professions includes the training “Sound Therapist Companion” as an entry level and “Peter Hess® Sound Therapist” as a specialization level. The therapy training refers to both body therapy and body psychotherapy contents. Therapeutic processes can get a solution oriented direction through this work and often experience a new dimension.

The Peter Hess® Institute (PHI)

The PHI offers professional education and training in sound massage with singing bowls and the sound methods based on them. The seminars at PHI are aimed at people who want to do something good for themselves and get to know themselves better, who want to expand their professional skills and qualifications, or who want to establish a new professional field of activity. Peter Hess® Academies around the world are affiliated with the PHI.


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