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Peter Hess® Sangha Meditation Singing Bowl Set – Quality: Premium, Size: mittel


Includes 19% MwSt.*
Sangha – Set medium, consisting of 3 singing bowls: phKS9M-7+ phKS9M-9+ phKS9M-15

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The sounds can vary depending on the mallet.

Our singing bowl sets go through a complex process to get a tonal fitting.

Wherever you work with sound professionally you can add Peter Hess® Sangha Bowls. 

Create Sound experiences at:

•    Meditations
•    Sound- and fantasy journeys
•    Concerts
•    Making music
•    Biofield applications
•    Soundscapes
•    Before and after Yoga
•    Before and after any event
•    Centering – attention and resonance

The combination of Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls and Sangha Bowls creates a room filling, intense but at the same time fine vibration.
The Sangha Bowl with its subtle but long-lasting sound can also be an addition to your basic set in Sound-Massage.

Our practice tip No. 1: Set up the Sangha singing bowls round your client and create a cosmic sound play for them – simply wonderful!

Our practice tip No. 2: Take a break – a sound break! Put a Sangha sound bowl in front of you on the table or floor and enjoy the long lasting sound. The weight tolerances can be larger for the Sangha medication shells.

Each Sangha sound bowl is polished by hand for 6 hours.
This traditional process is worthwhile, because a sound bowl with a unique, space-filling character is created.

Weight 3,2 kg


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