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Sound Massage

During a sound massage with singing bowls, both hearing and feeling are addressed simultaneously. The harmonic sounds with their slow floats trigger feelings of safety, security and well-being and quickly produce a soothing relaxation.

The most important facts in brief

  • Sound massage according to Peter Hess is a holistic relaxation method.
  • The singing bowl massage goes back to ancient knowledge about the effect of sounds.
  • Therapy singing bowls are positioned on the clothed body and gently tapped.
  • A distinction is made between the “Basic Sound Massage” and the “Individual Sound Massage” that builds on it.
  • In sound relaxation, the physical tensions accumulated in everyday stress are released and thoughts come to rest.
  • The Peter Hess® Institute offers training as a sound massage practitioner:in.


What is the Peter Hess® sound massage?

In everyday life, you are not infrequently confronted with moments of stress. Maintaining inner calm and composure is becoming increasingly difficult in our performance-oriented society. However, if the harmony with yourself and your environment is permanently disturbed, this can lead to illness. This is where sound massage according to Peter Hess comes in as a holistic relaxation method in which therapy singing bowls are positioned on the clothed body and gently tapped.

“During a sound massage, there is a comprehensive sound experience that goes far beyond hearing sounds with the ears.”

The sound of singing bowls makes it easier for people to let go and reduce fears. In recent years, Peter Hess has optimized the method of sound massage on the basis of numerous practical experiences and the results of various research projects and adapted it to the needs of people. Today, the application possibilities range from gentle, mindful relaxation to targeted application in healing and healing professions. Especially in body-therapeutic and body-psychotherapeutic work, we also speak of sound therapy. Here, the sound and the gentle massage of the sounds are used to support various forms of therapy.

The sound massage according to Peter Hess goes back to ancient knowledge about the effect of sounds, which were already used in the Indian healing arts more than 5,000 years ago.

In the Eastern conception, man was created from sound. According to this view, only people who live in unison with themselves and their environment are able to shape their lives freely and creatively.

Sound massage, as taught at the Peter Hess® Institute, is based on a system that has been tested in practice for more than 35 years. It responds to people’s needs and strengthens what is healthy.

The singing bowl massage according to Peter Hess is characterized by an interaction of three factors:

  • The technique of sound massage
  • The sound material of the Peter Hess® therapy singing bowls
  • The principles of the Peter Hess® sound methods:
    • Mindfulness
    • Appreciation
    • Holistic
    • Less-is-more principle
    • Solution and resource orientation
    • Dialogical togetherness

How does the sound massage work?

Sound massage is more than just a technique and requires a sound background knowledge combined with a lot of experience and skill to be able to use it individually.

Basically, a distinction is made between the “Basic Sound Massage” and the “Individual Sound Massage” that builds on it.

The basic sound massage

Three types of singing bowls are used in the basic sound massage: the joint or universal bowl, the heart bowl and the pelvic bowl. With their respective frequency spectrum, they address certain parts of the body particularly well. In total, the basic sound massage lasts about 45 minutes plus the obligatory preliminary talk, the after-rest to feel and perceive changes, and the final follow-up talk.

The Individual Sound Massage

In the Individual Sound Massage, the set sequence of the basic sound massage is modified according to the client’s specific needs and supplemented with additional sound massage elements. Additional singing bowls, gongs or cymbals can also be used for this purpose.

As mentioned at the beginning, the singing bowls are placed on the different parts of the body and tapped by a sound massage practitioner.


During the sound massage, hearing and feeling are addressed in equal measure: The harmonious sounds calm your mind, while the fine vibrations emanating from the sounding and thus vibrating singing bowl gradually spread throughout your body.

Most people can already relax quickly and deeply during the first sound massage. Feelings of safety and security often emerge. In this soothing atmosphere, contact with one’s own needs, one’s own inner voice is possible again. The body is experienced in a pleasant, beneficial way and consciously.

What is the benefit of the singing bowl massage?

Each singing bowl massage and sound experience is unique and can be very different for each individual. In sound relaxation, the physical tensions accumulated in everyday stress are released, thoughts come to rest, worries, insecurities and fears fade into the background. The soul experiences space to unfold and can let go. This letting go is a good basis for revitalizing and strengthening the self-healing powers, for regeneration, problem solving and learning. The application possibilities are correspondingly diverse.

On the physical level, the sound vibrations are transmitted to the body as organizing impulses and can cause a relaxation of tissue tension. They thus contribute to the reduction of physical tension and blockages.

With its relaxing, harmonizing and vitalizing effect, the singing bowl massage according to Peter Hess can make a valuable contribution to the strengthening of your health and form the basis for the creation of a self-determined and creative life.

The Peter Hess® Institute draws from decades of practical experience. The following effect characteristics were found:

  • Holistic method – addresses body, soul and spirit
  • Causes deep relaxation
  • Strengthens the basic trust of man
  • Facilitates “letting go” – physically and mentally
  • Contributes to the promotion of health: Harmonization, regeneration and vitalization
  • Supports and improves body awareness
  • Can activate unused resources
  • Strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation
  • Promotes joie de vivre and creative energy

The positive effects of the singing bowl massage on stress processing and the well-being feeling with and in the own body could already be proven in several studies.

Is there a training in Peter Hess® sound massage?

Yes, the Peter Hess® Institute offers training to become a Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner. Here participants learn step by step to use sound massage specifically to relax and strengthen health for themselves and others.

In an intensive experience and learning space, the sound massage itself is experienced, discussed and reflected upon. The mindful handling of clients and the safe giving of the basic sound massage are in focus. Here also topics around psyche, soul, aura and chakras are included.

After learning the basics, mastering and understanding sound massage techniques, participants practice designing individual sound massages for different client needs. In this context, one’s own attitude as a sound massage practitioner is of essential importance.

The Peter Hess® Institute

The PHI offers professional education and training in sound massage with singing bowls and the sound methods based on it. The seminars at PHI are aimed at people who want to do something good for themselves and get to know themselves better, who want to expand their professional skills and qualifications, or who want to establish a new professional field of activity. Peter Hess® Academies around the world are affiliated with the PHI.


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