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Our 2024 Anniversary Event – Transform Your Life with Sound

Under the motto “Transform Your Life with Sound”, a very special sound congress will take place from March 1–3, 2024 in Gersfeld/Rhön (Germany) as well as online. Peter Hess, who developed the sound massage 40 years ago, will give insights into his new concept of “Sound Transformation” by accompanying you through the congress days with wonderful sound meditations from this concept.

Further inspiration on the topic is offered by the opening lecture of the consciousness scientist Prof. Dr. Thilo Hinterberger: “Sound Transformation – A Sensual-Scientific Look Into the Mysterious Power of Sounds”.

Sound Transformation can be experienced in a very practical way in the workshop of the same name with Peter Hess and Ulrich Krause. Based on his own life story, the great sound pioneer will show how you can achieve more mindfulness, creativity and resilience with just 5 minutes of sound a day. In the workshop you will walk through the first of seven levels and learn sound exercises for your daily sound practice. As the “icing on the cake”, there are two free follow-up appointments to this workshop online via Zoom to continue together on the path of sound transformation.

Find out what else is in store for you at the 2024 Anniversary Sound Congress!

40 years of Peter Hess® Sound Massage – truly a reason to celebrate!

The diverse program of the anniversary event with exciting lectures, inspiring workshops and a wonderful concert by the congenial musician Peter Gabis promises self-care as well as impulses for you and your sound practice. A highlight will be the celebration evening and party on Saturday with which we want to celebrate not only 40 years of Peter Hess® Sound Massage, but also 35 years of Hess Sound (former Hess Sound) and 25 years of the International Association of Sound Massage Therapy. So, join us and let’s celebrate and enjoy the sounds together!


Experts share their knowledge with you

Numerous experts and sound professionals will share their wealth of experience in the lectures and workshops of our anniversary sound congress from March 1–3, 2024 in the Stadthalle Gersfeld/Rhön as well as online.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of sound and get inspired on how to use singing bowls for self-care or in your profession. Depending on your interests and focus, you can choose from impulse workshops. In these you will not only receive concrete practical suggestions, but you can also enjoy the sounds yourself. For example, you can choose from:

  • Sound Transformation – Taking Life Into Your Own Hands | Peter Hess & Ulrich Krause
  • With Sound to More Mindfulness and Self-Compassion | Peter Gabis
  • The Art of Living – The Art of Living Your Basic Trust | Emily Hess
  • Singing Bowls in Wellness and Beauty | Claudia Keskinen, Nicole Herkert & Jana Hess
  • Exploring the Fascinating World of Singing Bowls with Children | Marion Buhlmann
  • Trauma-Sensitive Sound Work – Focus on Socio-Political Overwhelm | Angelika Rieckmann & Stefanie Margarete Glocke
  • Singing Bowls in Nursing and Hospice Care | Daniela Abel
  • Experimental Gong Experience | Zeljko Vlahovic


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