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Hess Klangkonzepte becomes Hess Sound

For almost 35 years, our family business has been a renowned supplier of singing bowls of the highest quality. Our singing bowls and the Peter Hess® Sound Massage were developed by Peter Hess in the 1980s. Since then, their effect on body, mind and soul has been the subject of ongoing scientific research. In addition to their typical use for sound massage, our singing bowls are an enriching addition to yoga and meditation, wellness and beauty, education, therapy and care as well as sport and coaching.

We not only offer the full range of Peter Hess® Singing Bowls, but also other sound instruments and aids such as gongs, mallets, chimes, meditation cushions, room fragrances and books.

Until now, we have marketed our diverse products under the name Hess Klangkonzepte. Having already redesigned our corporate design and website in recent years, we have now taken the big step of changing our name and type of company. This means that Hess Klangkonzepte becomes Hess Sound.

The family business that my parents have built up continues to develop thanks to an active worldwide community and, above all, the activities of Peter Hess® Sound Massage practitioners. The world is growing together and so we and our customers are becoming more international. I am delighted to add a new chapter to our company history with the change of name to Hess Sound.

Jana Hess

Change of name to Hess Sound

The legally correct name of our German company is now Hess Sound GmbH & Co KG. You will therefore see this name in the imprint of our website, in our e-mail signature and on our invoices. We will now gradually introduce the name Hess Sound on the entire website, on our social media channels and on all print materials. The process of converting from Hess Klangkonzepte to Hess Sound is expected to be completed by December 1, 2023.

Jana Hess and Tjalf Hoyer, managing directors of the newly founded Hess Sound GmbH.

Why Hess Sound?

Our unique singing bowls, which have been specially designed for use on the body, are inspiring an increasingly international audience. Our customers no longer just come from Germany or German-speaking countries. We therefore wanted to adapt our company name so that it is easier to pronounce and remember.

In addition, various internet presences have developed over time under different names (Hess Klangkonzepte, Hess Soundconcepts, Soundselfcare). Our aim was to make it clear that these names belong together. We will therefore also be renaming our social media channels and our YouTube channel to Hess Sound on December 1, so that there will only be one name in future.

Foundation of Hess Sound USA

We are very pleased to announce that we have also founded our subsidiary in the USA under the name Hess Sound in October 2023! The company headquarters and warehouse are located in Chicago, Illinois. From 2024, our initially small but fine US online store will go live at We’ll keep you up to date!


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