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Fantasy journey for children: Spring in the magic garden

Imaginary journeys are a very old tradition that can enchant both children and adults. They bring relaxation, promote creativity and imagination and support change processes in the brain. A vivid imagination is important for various areas of life. It can help us to learn new things more easily and to develop further. Our brain is constantly active and malleable. We can use fantasy journeys to consciously stimulate change processes. If we regularly imagine the desired changes, new circuits are created in the brain that enable us to think, be and act differently.

Why are fantasy journeys so valuable for children?

Imaginary journeys are a wonderful way to accompany children lovingly and attentively through challenges, to strengthen them and to show them new perspectives in a playful way. Inner tensions can be reduced more easily and fears and experiences can be better processed. Regular fantasy journeys with children can thus become a valuable resource in terms of coping with life and self-confidence.

Instructions for a fantasy journey for children in spring

Create a pleasant and calm atmosphere. A room that is slightly darkened and offers enough space for all the children is best. Cushions, blankets and mats can help children to make themselves comfortable and find peace and quiet.

Prepare the text for the springtime fantasy journey for children as well as a singing bowl and a singing bowl mallet.

Tips for accompanying fantasy journeys for children

The following tips can help you to optimize your spring fantasy journey for children and give the sounds enough space to unfold their effect:

  • Read very slowly and clearly and always insert small pauses between sentences so that the child can process the text well.
  • Be creative and modify the fantasy journey according to your ideas or add to it – this makes the journey even more authentic.
  • You can follow the instructions in the text or use the sounds of the singing bowl intuitively: You can use them throughout the entire fantasy journey, for example at the beginning, during the breaks and at the end.
  • A steady, calm and safe sound invites you to breathe calmly and relax.
  • Note that singing bowls can have different effects: Singing bowls with bright tones have an invigorating effect, while singing bowls with deep tones create calm and ground you.
  • Provide enough space for reflection, especially at the end of the fantasy journey.


Are you unsure exactly how to use the singing bowl? In our article Using a singing bowl you will receive valuable tips.

Instructions for a fantasy journey for children: Spring in the magic garden

Topic: Retreat and recharge your batteries, awakening in spring

Age: Children aged 7 to 12 years

Sound material:

Introduction: (Let the singing bowl sound gently)

Today I’m taking you on a magical journey into spring. If you like, maybe get a blanket or cushion to make yourself even more comfortable. The important thing is that you feel comfortable. When you have everything you need, lie down and close your eyes. Feel your breath and the peace around you. Concentrate on your abdomen and chest, how both rise with the inhalation and fall again with the exhalation.

Main part:

Imagine you are in a magical garden in spring. You stand barefoot on a lush green meadow and look up at the sky. The sun shines warmly on your skin and bathes everything around you in a golden light.

(Let the singing bowl sound gently)

The sky is blue and clear and the first delicate flowers are stretching their heads towards the sun. After the cold winter months, nature awakens to new life and shows itself in all its splendor. The air is wonderfully fresh and you can smell the flowers. Birds are chirping everywhere and you can hear the buzzing of little bugs.

(Let the singing bowl sound gently)

There is a small pond in the enchanting garden. The water is crystal clear and colorful flowers in all the colors of the rainbow grow all around. A small stream flows into the pond and you can hear the gentle lapping of the water. You sense a pleasant calm emanating from this place – almost as if a special magic lies over this garden, enveloping everyone and everything. Let the sounds and noises of the magic garden work their magic on you.

(Let the singing bowl sound gently)

You hear a soft rustling in the bushes. You walk very slowly and carefully with your bare feet across the soft meadow. Then you see where the noise is coming from: a small hedgehog curiously sticks its head out from under a branch. After a long hibernation, he enjoys the first rays of sunshine on his skin, just like you. You lie down on the meadow a little way away from the hedgehog and look up at the sky. The sun’s rays warm you and fill your entire body with new strength. First your feet… then your legs… your hips… your chest… your arms… your neck… and your head. (Let the singing bowl sound between each part of the body)

Just as plants and animals retreat in winter and only awaken again in spring, you sometimes have moments in your life when you need more peace and quiet. These times are important and help you to regain your strength. In moments like these, you can think back to the magic garden, make yourself comfortable and imagine how the sun fills you with new energy.

When you have gathered enough strength, you can venture out into the world again, just like the little hedgehog after its hibernation. Courageous, curious and full of zest for action.

(Let the singing bowl sound gently)

Feel your entire body again. You may notice how the sun and the magical sound of the magic garden have filled you with new strength. Do you feel lighter and more energetic now than you did before you started this little journey? Or you are simply very relaxed and rested.


Now slowly return to the room from the enchanted garden. Keep your eyes closed and breathe in and out deeply. Make your first gentle movements with your hands and feet. Feel your surroundings clearly again and gently open your eyes.

Perhaps you were able to experience spring vividly in your fantasy journey and can now look even more consciously at the beauty of nature. And perhaps you keep reminding yourself that awakening in spring doesn’t just happen outside, but also inside yourself.

Is the fantasy journey also available as a PDF document?

You can simply copy the instructions for the springtime fantasy journey for children into a word processing program of your choice, for example Word or Pages, and export it as a PDF.

For even more inspiring fantasy journeys for children, we recommend the book “Fanello – Sounding fantasy journeys for children and adults who are young at heart” in our store.


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