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Accompanying with Sound

The many uses of singing bowls are no longer a secret. In nursing, sound massage has been used for many years to accompany older people on their way. This form of non-verbal communication picks people up in their innermost being, even when they are already living in seclusion. But the sound massage is not only a good way to get in touch with seniors in the nursing home – the singing bowl can also be used in the family to find peace and relaxation together. We will show you how you can use the sounds in everyday life with seniors and what advantages they offer.

What effect do the sounds of singing bowls have on the elderly and sick?

In everyday life it has been shown that sound massage can have a variety of positive effects. Thus, the sounds are primarily used to

  • Allow relaxation
  • Maintain and promote the perception of the senses
  • to support the own body feeling
  • activate the self-healing powers of the body
  • Reduce pain, thereby reducing the amount of medication required
  • Promote communication and create nonverbal communication opportunities
  • Reduce fears and provide support and security
  • Provide a social connection between patients, family members and caregivers
  • to bring some variety into the daily routine.

So the advantages are clear. Of course, not only seniors and sick people benefit from the positive effects of sound methods, but also family members, friends and caregivers. It is important to consider the sounds of the singing bowls not only as a possible means of therapy, but as a way of communication in its own right. Those who can no longer express themselves or no longer wish to do so, nevertheless have the opportunity to express their own feelings with the singing bowl.


Singing bowls in nursing homes – an important part of care for a long time now

The sounds of the singing bowls appeal to a multitude of senses. Of course, the hearing is particularly relevant, which is stimulated by the gentle sounds of the singing bowl and experiences an intense experience – but also the sound waves that penetrate the body and provide a feeling of peace and security are relevant in the sound massage. Thus the Peter Hess® sound massage is already variously used in nursing homes, in order to care for their inhabitant:inside in the everyday life and to facilitate the care everyday life. The focus here is clearly on prevention: to maintain and promote the senses. The sound exercises are often combined with movement sequences to provide a holistic training, for example in the context of balance and coordination exercises.

But even when patients are already introverted – for example, due to progressive dementia – sound massage has shown fantastic results in everyday life. Patients who had not spoken to relatives or nursing staff for many years were encouraged by the sounds to re-establish contact with the outside world. Here the sounds of the singing bowls are used as their own form of communication. The results in everyday life were so convincing that many employees from the care sector have already written professional articles on the application of sound massage in everyday care and a separate study on this topic is to be carried out in the coming years.

Singing bowls in your everyday life

The soothing effect of the singing bowl can be perfectly integrated into everyday life – whether you want to support your relatives in the nursing home or provide a pleasant sense of well-being at home. An important factor here is, of course, the time spent together. If you decide to do the sound elements with your loved ones, the moment is all yours. You can draw strength together from the special moment, the soothing sounds and the harmonious togetherness.

The aspect of safety and support is also particularly important. It is not uncommon for people to feel defenseless and in need of help as they age. The worse the present illnesses are, the stronger this feeling usually is. The tranquility of the sound game restores some security and creates a moment of safety, in which one can completely merge and relax. An important point in sound massage is the principle that one is allowed to be as one is – even if only for a moment. The simplicity of the individual sounds allows inner access to one’s concerns without being overwhelming. Here the focus is on listening to and feeling the sounds, not on the thoughts of everyday life. The sounds help to let go, even when facing a difficult time – whether it is aging itself, a serious illness, or possibly even approaching death.


Beautiful moments with sound

In this context, the time spent together with sounds and harmonic vibrations of the singing bowl is primarily intended to facilitate a beautiful moment. The different forms of perception that are addressed in sound play, the special experience of one’s own body and the sense of well-being that results from sound play – all of these make up the beautiful moments that sound methods make possible. Where otherwise there are barriers between people, the singing bowl creates a bridge of communication. This can happen in private everyday life as well as in the nursing profession. Sound methods are limitless – because they allow access to a level that cannot be reached otherwise.


How you can accompany your fellow human beings with sound

One’s own parents or grandparents are getting older – and it is not uncommon for worries, fears and health problems to increase with age. Often, the uncertainty of old age is associated with a sense of unease and restlessness. Anxieties increase and the otherwise positive thoughts change. Relatives are seemingly helpless in the face of the situation, but the sounds can also support and unite here. The soothing effect of the singing bowl is a valuable aid in aging, as it releases essential anxieties and creates a shared moment of peace and security.

The body feeling is strengthened by the direct address of the different senses, which in turn can have an invigorating and motivating effect on your loved ones. Most importantly, you are entering into a shared moment with your loved ones that is dedicated just to you – this alone exudes a sense of security for your loved ones that can make everyday life easier. It’s never easy when you watch your own parents or grandparents slowly grow older. The knowledge that sooner or later you will be affected yourself can also make everyday life more difficult. With sounds, there is a way to forget your worries for a moment and take advantage of the positive effects created by the delicate waves of sounds.


Sounds in palliative care – peace on a difficult path

In the field of palliative care, a great burden rests on the entire family. The relatives suffer from the approaching loss, the dying person himself faces the uncertainty of death. All the uncertainties affect the togetherness – and to find some peace here, to have a nice last time, is more valuable than ever before. Sounds can accomplish just that: time spent together in a moment of absolute peace and serenity, carried only by the delicate waves of sound that take over the room. Being able to forget the worries of everyday life for a moment is valuable for those affected themselves, but also for their relatives – and above all, it creates a bond that all those involved can experience together.

Using the positive effects of the singing bowl in old age

The older you get, the more valuable the time you spend. What seems natural when you’re young can be a real gift when you’re older. Well-being, tranquility, time together – all these facets come into focus during sound massage. Whether you want to support your family members during a difficult time in the hospital, seek non-verbal access to loved ones with dementia, or create a memory with time together, sound methods can be used in many areas of aging. People and sound are united in the focus to get the best out of every situation.


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