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TamTam Gong Standard Quality Ø 40 – 70


Includes 19% MwSt.*

Standard quality Ø 40 – 70 cm
The inexpensive alternative!
In the standard quality you will find gongs that do not correspond to the premium quality for sound or visual reasons.

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Tam Tam Gongs for:

• Sound- and Fantasy journeys
• Meditations
• Concerts
• Therapeutic Settings

Gongs are among the oldest and most important musical instruments of Southeast Asia. You can find them in many variations and sizes.
They have grown to be an important addition to the Singing Bowls in the Peter Hess® Sound- Massage.
We prefer Fen- and Tam Tam Gongs for our work.
It is important to us that you only receive a good quality, so playing and listening to your gong stays fun.

The Tam Tam Gong ( Chinese Temple Gong) is made by hand from a heavy metal plate. The finished Gong has a tensioned, black edge and black centre. In between the surface is polished golden.

Because of its backward bent edge the Tam Tam Gong is not sounding as spectacular as a Fen Gong for example. Its sound character is volumous (massive) and can reach from very deep (large Gongs) to high sounds (small gongs).
In general the Tam Tam Gong has centering sound and is made in perfect quality for sound work.

All gongs come with a simple cotton-wrapped mallet.

They have 2 holes and a string for hanging.

Weight 2 kg

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