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Seating/bedding cushion Sound oasis


Using this newly developed, extremely comfortable seating/bedding cushion, oscillations and vibrations may be ideally transmitted to the body during sound massage. During bedding (lying or sitting) the air-cushioned polypropylene pellets ideally transmit the vibrations of the singing bowls.

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Prior to application, the cushion should be well fluffed up to provide for a good volume distribution during sitting or lying down.

Dimensions: Bedding cushion in filled condition 200 x100 cm

Color: dark red or off white

Cover: 100 % cotton with long zip fastener, machine washable
or PhysioTex microfiber cover with short zip fastener, directly Filled with approx. 5 kg polypropylene pellets. This cover is waterproof, breathable, tear proof, eudermic, sterilizable, antibacterial and allergen-proof.
Inlet: white cotton cover with approx. 5 kg polypropylene pellets

Availability: approx. 10 days

This product will be produced especially for you and cannot be returned.

In addition to the standard shipping costs we charge an additional fee of 45,50 € for over size goods.

Weight 7 kg






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