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Hess Sound Concepts® helper Series


Includes 19% MwSt.*

The Hess Sound® “helper series” with its perfectly shaped handle is a wonderful tool for guiding singing bowls on the body while sounding freely.

The high-quality suction disc is firmly screwed to a solid wood handle. The singing bowl must be dust-free before attachment and the suction disc must be moistened in order to generate optimum suction power.

Many singing bowl models can be placed, previously struck, sounding by means of suction disc precisely.

The singing bowl can be guided sounding freely on the body. This centered suction device is particularly useful in the handicapped area and for special therapeutic applications such as occupational therapy.

Available in three sizes. Handle material: domestic beech waxed

Item no. little-helper, Ø 5.5 cm, handle length approx. 10 cm
Item no. medium-helper, Ø 8.0 cm handle length approx. 19 cm
Item no. big-helper, Ø 8.0 cm handle length approx. 22.5 cm

Weight 0,054 kg



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