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Welcome to the Hess Universe

Peter Hess combines the production of singing bowls, their sale, education and training in sound methods, and advocacy for those trained. We would like to introduce this sound universe to you here. Learn how everything is connected!


Hess Sound

Peter Hess developed sound massage with singing bowls in 1984 and soon after began to build up his own production of singing bowls. These were to meet his high quality standards. Today, the bowls from the Peter Hess® production are considered the “jewel of singing bowls”. They impress with an incomparable sound and vibration quality. You can find the entire selection of Peter Hess® singing bowls exclusively in the online store of Hess Sound. The company, based near Bremen, is now run by Peter Hess’ daughter Jana Hess. In addition to online shipping, Hess Sound offers you the opportunity to take a look at singing bowls, gongs and other sound products in their showroom. There, you can also try und purchase products.

Peter Hess® Institute

From the very beginning, Peter Hess has been committed to closely linking practice, research and teaching. Thus, in the course of time, various sound methods emerged, which represent a specialization in the working fields of therapy and healing, pedagogy and counseling, as well as prevention and wellness. In these specializations you can be trained and educated today at the renowned Peter Hess® Institute (PHI). On the PHI website you will find an extensive workshop and seminar program of more than 400 events per year. The PHI has various locations in Germany and is affiliated with numerous Peter Hess® Academies abroad.

Peter Hess® Academies abroad

The Peter Hess® sound massage is known far beyond the borders of Germany. There are Peter Hess® Academies (PHA) in 25 different countries around the world that teach the basic training of sound massage according to a standardized curriculum. Further education is also offered in many PHAs. PHAs can be found, for instance, in Portugal, Australia, France, Turkey and the USA. Most academies have their own websites, so if you are interested you will get more information there.

International Association of Sound Massage Therapy

As a representation of the interests of those trained at the PHI and PHA, the International Association of Sound Massage Therapy was founded in 1999 with Peter Hess as its first chairman. With an extensive range of services, the professional association advocates the interests of Peter Hess® sound massage practitioners and all those trained in sound methods. As a close cooperation partner of the Peter Hess® Institute, the association is committed to the dissemination and further development of the Peter Hess® sound methods and supports the trainees in all questions regarding their professional practice of sound massage and sound methods.

Hess Community

The Hess Community is as diverse as the sound spectrum of Peter Hess® singing bowls. In over 30 years of company history, encounters have become friendships. Those interested in sound became sound massage practitioners and sound therapists. Fans and followers became convinced multipliers of our values and our understanding of love, mindfulness, self-care and the healing effect of sound. Whether in the fields of yoga and meditation, wellness, education or health – all those who see themselves as part of the Hess Universe enrich the international community and inspire us to continue. Thank you!


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