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Hess Sound Beratung

The Hess Sound Pop-Up Store – Exclusively in Berlin

For a long time now, we have been regularly presenting our Peter Hess® Singing Bowls at trade fairs and events, advising customers on site in our showroom near Bremen, and providing information about the versatility of the singing bowls in our online store. Direct contact with our customers and all people interested in singing bowls is especially important to us.

In June we celebrate a small premiere, our first pop-up store! From June 3rd through 10th, 2023 you can find us at the gallery aquabitArt in Berlin Mitte. Here we not only present our most popular singing bowls, but are also personally available for discussions and questions. The aquabitArt Gallery in Berlin opened its doors for the first time in early 2009. Even then, architect Irina Ilieva created the venue in Berlin’s renowned art street, Auguststraße 35, with a clear goal: to make the world of arts and sounds accessible to everyone through art installations and exhibitions.

The event at a glance

Hess Sound pop-up store in Berlin

  • Opening Day: June 3, from 2:00 pm
  • Opening hours: June 4–10, 10:00 am–6:30 pm
  • Address: aquabitArt Gallery, Auguststr. 35, 10119 Berlin Mitte
  • What: Exhibition and presentation of (therapy) singing bowls, sale of singing bowls, short sound massages, workshops, meet & greet with Jana Hess
Peter Hess Klangschalen

Hess Sound in Berlin – what awaits you!

We officially start our “adventure” pop-up store on June 3rd at 2 pm with a big opening day. You can enjoy finger food and drinks while attending a first overview of our singing bowls. Later on, a DJ will provide musical entertainment.

In the following days, the focus is of course entirely on our singing bowls and the possibilities they offer you. We present you the most popular models from our assortment – here especially our worldwide sought-after Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls. This way you can convince yourself of the high-quality workmanship and our high-quality standards directly on site. Try out the different models with us and find out what makes them so special.

Did you know, for example, that the pelvic bowl with its low tones is especially good for grounding and relaxation, while the small heart bowl with its bright, high tones is often used for harmony and clarity? At the Hess Sound pop-up store in Berlin, you can find out more about the individual effects of the singing bowls and experience them on your own body.

Registration is not necessary except for workshops. If you are interested and have time, just drop by. The pop-up store of Hess Sound will be open for you between 10 am and 6:30 pm. Sound workshops will be held every day starting at 6:30 pm.

Your very personal sound massage

Would you like to convince yourself of the effectiveness of our singing bowls? Then a visit to the Hess Sound pop-up store is all the more worthwhile. Our experts will offer short sound massages so you can experience the effects on your own body.


Workshops around singing bowls

Every day, between June 4 and 10, we will offer sound workshops on different self-care topics, in which we will go into more detail about how you can integrate singing bowls into your everyday life, how to use them and what effect the sounds can have on your body. Due to limited space, registration is required. You can find the program and registration information on our event page.

Of course, you will also learn about the different types of singing bowls during our workshops. How a therapy singing bowl affects your body and mind is always individual, so you can find out on the spot which model suits you and your everyday life best. In addition, you will receive much more information about the history of singing bowls and an insight into the high quality standards that we maintain throughout the entire production chain.

Klangschalen Workshop

Meet Jana Hess

Jana Hess, 2nd generation and owner of Hess Sound, will be available on site at the pop-up store for questions and discussions (exception: June 8th and 9th). Jana has been closely associated with the family business since childhood, and today continues the work started by her father, Peter Hess. Thanks to the fresh and modern inspirations of Jana, combined with the traditional manufacturing of the singing bowls and the high quality standards of the brand, Hess Sound has been able to grow continuously over the past years. The close exchange with customers also provides new suggestions and ideas which is why Jana Hess is particularly looking forward to personal discussions.

Jana und Peter Hess

Information for the press

Of course, we are also available for press inquiries at our pop-up store in Berlin. If time permits, a short introduction to the Peter Hess® Singing Bowls and Hess Sound can be given during a press appointment.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Curious now? We look forward to welcoming you to our pop-up store in the aquabitArt Gallery in Berlin Mitte from June 3rd through 10th to introduce you to the fascinating world of singing bowls.


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