Peter Hess® and KYMAT® – CYMATIC Bowl


Sound waves become water waves. The CYMATIC Bowl playfully makes your own sound tones, frequencies and
vibrations visible on the water surface.
The vibrational images appear as patterns that can be recognized in the geometry of life. The technique calls
is kymatics, a science dedicated to the visualization of sounds. The water acts as a three-dimensional
sculpture that transforms sound into images. In this way, sound becomes tangible. In forms and structures reminiscent of
ice crystals, mandalas, cell divisions and organic forms of origin of life remind. Through the thin edge of the
large singing bowl, the movements can be seen very well. Ø: approx. 43 cm

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Fill your WaterSoundBowl with water. With the fist or a mallet, the singing bowl is moved through a light
Pulse set in vibration. The vibrations can also be felt with your fingers in the water. Depending on the angle
certain water sound patterns and standing waves become visible. You see what you hear and you hear what you see.

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