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Sound Congress 2024


The Sound Congress 2024 is a big anniversary event as we celebrate 40 years of Peter Hess® Sound Massage, 35 years of Hess Sound and 25 years of the International Association of Sound Massage Therapy under the motto “Transform Your Life with Sound”. Join us online or in person from March 1–3, 2024!

Sound as a Source of Power

Just as the sounds of singing bowls fundamentally changed the life of the great sound pioneer Peter Hess more than 40 years ago, they have also enriched the lives of millions of people around the world. And so the exciting lectures and inspiring workshops provide practical, touching and informative insights into the power source of sound.

The sounds of singing bowls carry a unique, transformative power. Like hardly any other medium, we come into contact with ourselves through sounds. They guide us into an inner space of silence that is both soothing and inspiring. Here we can recognize our true needs and develop our potential and thus find more serenity and happiness in life.

Sound Transformation

On the three days of the congress you can expect very special sound meditations from the unique concept of “Sound Transformation”, which make it possible to experience the power source of sound. And as a special highlight for the anniversary, an inspiring festive evening with party awaits you on Saturday evening! Framed by the concert of the congenial musician Peter Gabis, atmospheric sound sessions and a diverse supporting program, this congress is sure to be an unforgettable event for all those present. So, join us, let’s experience the transformative power of singing bowls together and celebrate 40 years of Peter Hess® Sound Massage at the big anniversary party on Saturday night!

Find the program here: Sound Congress 2024


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